​    Composition of the Board of the POWC

          ​Mr. J Mulloo
         Mrs. R. Bucktowar
         Representative of Prime Minister’s Office
         Mr. L.M.K Lan Ping Fong
         Representative of Ministry of Public Service, Administrative and Institutional Reforms​          
         Mr A.Pirbacosse
         Representative of Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare
         Mrs. S.D. Conahye
         Representative of Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation
         Mrs B. Payneeandy
         Representative of Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage
         Ms. V. Ujhoodha
         Representative of Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development
         Mr. L.Badal
         Representative of Federation of Civil Service and Other Unions
​          Mr. R.Leelodharry
         ​ Representative of Federation of Public Sector and Other Unions
         Mr. R. Sadien, MSK
         Representative of State and Other Employees’ Federations
         Mr. N. Allybocus
         Independent Member
         Mrs Y.Jugoo-Rughoobur
         Independent Member
            Staff of the PO​WC​​
          Mr. S.Bundhoo
         Organising Secretary
         Mr. R. Jugroop
         Ms. V. Dauhawoo
         Management Support Officer
         Mr. N. Macarchand
         Management Support Officer
         Ms. N.B.A. Peeroo
         Management Support Officer
​          Mr. Y. Lokhun
​          Management Support Officer
​          Miss. Y.Julloo
​          Management Support Officer
​          Mr. N. Seeboruth
​          Management Support Officer
          Mr. R.Mahabir-Singh
          ​Office Auxiliary
​          Mr. R.Gokul
​          Handy Worker​
​          Mr. M.Purmaissur
​​          Handy Worker​
​          Mr R.Lacha
​          Assistant Finance Officer(Part-Time Basis)
​          Mr K.Conhyedass
​          Liaison Officer